Greetings, Friends!

I have had blog fear for a while–eek!–mostly regarding my concern, what on earth do I have to say?!  That concern might surprise people who know me best.  But today begins my official journey into the writing side of the blog world. 

It is time.

For several years I have enjoyed reading blogs written by others.  I adore seeing pictures of friends and family online or reading what people write from their heart on any number of topics. 

My wish and hope is that my posts will be encouraging and helpful.

May you be blessed in every area of your life,


One thought on “WELCOME

  1. First off…I’m a seeing lots and lots of rainbows. That has to be a good thing. Second thing… write from the heart and you’ll be off to a good start. Third thing…fill everyday with faith, hope and love, and give thanks. Cant wait for the next posting.


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