This week I have been reading the book Heaven Is For Real.  I’m reading it because the Burpo family (who the story is about) is going to visit our church in a few weeks. 

For a couple years now, friends have suggested I read Heaven Is For Real, but I have resisted.  I’ve said things like, “No thanks.  I don’t want to cry” or “I don’t want to read something that will make me sad especially if it is about a child who goes to heaven”–even if the child comes back to earth I feared that might be more than I could handle.

But now the Burpos are coming to town.  So I read it.  And it was eye-opening.

Most noteworthy for me is the multiple rainbows that Colton Burpo saw in heaven and the book’s reference to Revelation 21:19-20 where the rainbow colors of heaven are described.

Rainbows in heaven?  –How did I miss that all these years?!  I’ve heard about gold and pearly gates (the very next verse!  Revelation 21:21), but I missed the rainbows.  And how did I write and publish a book referencing a rainbow bed in heaven 3-4 years ago without knowing this Bible fact? 

I certainly knew about a rainbow in the Noah’s Ark story, but I did not know about rainbows in heaven.  –I probably should note here that another book I’ve been avoiding is the book of Revelation!  I need to get over that avoidance issue too, but ever since I saw the movie A Thief In the Night at way too early of an age (parents, don’t scare your children!) I have not felt the need to read the last chapter of the Bible.  We all have issues of some kind, amen?  Now you know a couple of mine.

In 2008 our kindergartener told us not to worry because his mamaw/my mom who passed away is sleeping on a rainbow bed.  I found his words to be very comforting in our time of grief.

So comforting that I wrote a book about it.  His perspective was sweet.  Kind.  Helpful.

And now?!  Now I’m still comforted, but I’m wondering what did our 5 year old son see back then?  What was happening in his line of sight?  I’m beginning to understand that the eyes of a child see more than we grown ups can imagine. 

Let’s listen carefully to those young minds who are open to the world and perhaps open to the blessings of heaven too.



Books:  Heaven Is For Real, Rainbow Bed:  a child’s perspective on coping with grief