Several weeks ago my dear sister gave me a blog post idea. We were talking about anxiety and how she believes people often fall into one of two categories:


This rang true with me and many examples I’ve witnessed. So much of how we experience life depends on our personal perspective.

Do we walk around worried about every part of our life? Do we spend hours blaming others in our minds for what they did or didn’t do? Worry and casting blame are dangerous. Don’t feed your soul with those two traps. Worry and blame are empty calories.

Truth is, life is a death sentence. I’m going to die. Everyone will. But if I worry and blame, then I’m stealing from my joy today and tomorrow and the next. My time is precious. Your time is too.

Instead, I want to renew my perspective every day. I want to try and see the world and situations that come up from other people’s perspective so I don’t get bogged down in “my way is the only way”. I want to forgive quickly and love always. I want to enjoy every moment that I can because one of my big goals in life is to not have regrets.

One way to keep my perspective in check is to notice how I spend my thinking time. How many of my thoughts were negative today? How many were positive? I know that in order to move forward with my dreams and goals I must be on the positive thinking track.

Now, I’m a big fan of mental health and getting help when you need it. So if you struggle with anxiety or any physical/mental issue, please take care of yourself and go speak with your doctor or see a therapist. Don’t avoid getting the help you need. Take care of yourself.

One of the ways I renew my perspective is to seek guidance from God’s Word. Today I was inspired by 1 Corinthians 14:33 God is not the author of confusion but of peace.

I also enjoyed verse 38 If any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant.

From these two verses I am reminded to leave the ignorant alone. As the saying goes “you can’t fix stupid.” You could waste time trying, but why bother? God says to let them be. And God is the author of peace! Seek peace within. Seek God. Be free. You are free to be the beautiful person God made you to be.

Are you dying to live or living to die?

Thanks to my sister. I love you Sissy!


2 thoughts on “LIVING TO DIE

  1. Glenna,
    I have ALWAYS been a worrier. About anything and everything, big and small. About a year ago, I was under so much stress that it was taking its toll on every part of my life. (Even my relationship with the Lord. ) Then the day came when I thought I had finally lost it. I had been running all day, doctor appointments, the bank, and the grocery store. I went to pick my third grader up, and in the school parking lot, a woman cut me off and took the space I was inches from. I put my car in park, shut it off and cried like a baby. I couldn’t take anymore, and that’s when I heard the Lord say to me “pick your battles.” I know it is so simple, but it works so well for me! So many times we stress about things we have no control over. Like that woman taking my parking space. There was nothing I could have done about that. So why let it bother me? Traffic? Long line at the store? God must want me there for a reason 🙂 Every morning I wake up and tell myself to “pick my battles” and every night I thank the Lord for a pretty stress free day 🙂


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